Dios se ha perdido entre nosotros

By: Avik Harutyunyan, Slavi.

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DIOS SE HA PERDIDO ENTRE NOSOTROS. / Slavi Avik Harutyunuan. Puebla, México : Territorio Poético A.C. , Todo Poesía ; Armenia : Armenian Literatura in Translation Program, 2022. 106 pages ; 20 cm. (Colección Círculo de Poesía). ISBN : 9786079135690.
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Slavi Avik Harutyunyan is an armenian poet who has been published in armenian, spanish, english, catalan, french and italian, under various titles of his poetry. In this collection, the lector can find poems of different lengths, some of only a few verses, others that cover up to two pages, and that do not have any type of rhyme, being free verse. Having been part of the armed forces, the author brings to his writings much of the violent context of the war and his experiences as a soldier; just as he also talks about the fragility of life and recognizes death as a respectable counterpart that appears untimely on the battlefields.

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