Beaterio Historia de los jesuitas

By: Agustín Churruca Peláez.

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Churruca Peláez, Agustín. EL BEATERIO : HISTORIA DE LOS JESUITAS EN XALAPA. TRASFONDO Y PANORAMA HISTÓRICO DE LA COMPAÑIA DE JESÚS. / Agustín Churruca Peláez. Xalapa, Veracruz: Ediciones San José, 2000. 162 pages: 22 cm. Includes bibliographic references.
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Documents history of Jesuits in Xalapa, providing historical context from colonial times up to 1969. Topics covered include: expulsion of Jesuits from New Spain in 1767, their arrival in Xalapa in 19th century, conflicts in Beaterio from 1920 to 1942, restoration of the church after 1942, archdiocese in Xalapa, Marian congregations, and evangelical missions with short appendix that covers up to the year 2000.

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