El movimiento chicano en el paradigma del multiculturalismo de los Estado Unidos

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EL MOVIMIENTO CHICANO EN EL PARADIGMA DEL MULTICULTURALISMO DE LOS ESTADO UNIDOS : DE POCHOS A CHICANOS, HACIA LA IDENTIDAD. / Esperanza García y García. México, D.F. : Universidad Iberoamericana ; Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Centro de Investigaciones Sobre América del Norte, 2007. 271 pages : includes references, tables, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN :  9688596329.
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The increasing Mexican immigration to the United States makes understanding the identity of groups calling themselves “Chicanos”, “Latinos” or “Hispanics” of great importance. This work is aimed at examining the process of awareness of the ethnic-cultural identity of a part of the population of Mexican origin in the southwestern United States. The author maintains that only by dispelling myths and abandoning stereotypes through this knowledge, can we begin to objectively delineate the points of contact, divergence and collaboration with the Chicano community, both at a sociocultural and diplomatic-political level.

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