El murmullo entre las viñas

By: Heredia, Diana.

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EL MURMULLO ENTRE LAS VIÑAS. / Diana Heredia. Tijuana, México : Lapicero Rojo Editorial, 2022. 159 pages ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9781952171956.
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“My book has to be a book that reminds the reader that no matter what happens, and even if life turns you upside down, you can always start again,” says the author about her book. Romantic novel that starts in Coyoacán and ends in the Valle de Guadalupe. Told in three voices, it begins with Valeria, the protagonist, to intersperse with the second Julián, her husband and culminating with the voice that Valle de Guadalupe itself takes on, as the story progresses. The narrative of this novel is rich in descriptions, so the reader can get to know what the cuisine, the aromas, the grapes and the wine of these vineyards in Baja California are like.

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