Entre el cuerpo y el alma

By: Farga, María del Rosario.

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ENTRE EL CUERPO Y EL ALMA : IMAGINERÍA DE LOS SIGLOS XVII Y XVIII. / María del Rosario Farga. Puebla, México : Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla ; Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla,  2002. 339 pages : includes bibliography, color photos ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9687507799.
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The author makes an analysis that introduces us to the forms, techniques and ideas from the history of art between the XVII and XVIII centuries, taking into account the context (political, economic, social and cultural in which the artists made their creations). Keeping in mind the objective of achieving a complete panorama of the Baroque, she approaches the vision between the artistic convictions of the time and the interests that the artists had; not only their aspirations, training, development of techniques and styles, but also the social relationships that they had to maintain with their patrons, who had their own artistic ambitions to receive from them.

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