Entre ruedas y asfalto: Identidades y movilidades de bikers y lowriders en tijuana

By: Juan Antonio del Monte Madrigal

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ENTRE RUEDAS Y ASFALTO : IDENTIDADES Y MOVILIDADES DE BIKERS Y LOWRIDERS EN TIJUANA. / Juan Antonio del Monte Madrigal. Tijuana, B.C., México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2014. 180 pages : includes photos, notes, bibliography; 22 cm. ISBN : 9786074791310.
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Motorized vehicles, beyond having a utilitarian purpose of movement, also serve as vehicles for the expression of symbols and cultural meanings for bikers and lowriders. These urban groups find in motorcycles and old automobiles elements that constitute the central attribute of their group identity. The author makes a socio-anthropological approach to the mobilities of these groups, highlighting the construction of group affiliations, social distinctions, emblems of identification, representations of power; at the same time, he describes his confrontation with the prejudice that falls on them, as well as disputes over urban space and identity recognition.

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