Sp’ijil smantal jtotik jme’tik ta Sots’leb, Chiapas : Sabidurías, enseñanzas y consejos de los ancianos y ancianas mayas de Zinacantán, Chiapas

By: Lourdes de León Pasquel y Antonio de la Torre López, coordinación y edición

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SP'IJIL SMANTAL JTOTIK JME'TIK TA SOTS'LEB, CHIAPAS : SABIDURÍAS, ENSEÑANZAS Y CONSEJOS DE LOS ANCIANOS Y ANCIANAS MAYAS DE ZINACANTÁN, CHIAPAS : EDICIÓN BILINGÜE. / Lourdes de León Pasquel y Antonio de la Torre López (coordinators and editors). Ciudad de México, México : Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, 2016 182 pages : includes color illustrations; 22 cm. ISBN : 9786074863604.
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This title is aimed at grandparents, parents and children who know some of the wisdom presented here, remember it or want to learn it; as well as it is dedicated in general to anyone who is interested in developing a respectful view of zinacanteco culture. Zinacantán is a municipality located in the state of Chiapas, Mexico, where a large part of its population is indigenous. In order to preserve this culture, the coordinators put together a series of practical teachings and life tips that have been transmitted orally from generation to generation, with translation from Tsotsil Maya into spanish, accompanied by color illustrations.

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