Fabular Juárez

By: Willivaldo Delgadillo

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FABULAR JUÁREZ : MARCOS DE GUERRA, MEMORIA Y LOS FOROS POR VENIR. / Willivaldo Delgadillo. Ciudad Juárez, México : Buffalo Brown Press ; Instituto para la Ciudad y los Derechos Humanos A.C., 2020. 259 pages : includes references, bibliography ; 23 cm. (Colección Transbordes). ISBN :  9781951993009 (volumen) ; 9780999031476 (collection).
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At the end of the last century, Ciudad Juárez acquired a particular relevance for journalism, audiovisual media, art and academic circles, promoting representations and spaces for reflection on topics such as violence, feminicide, war on drugs, effects of free trade and militarization. How to represent the border between Mexico and the USA has been a constant topic in the author's career; In this title he especially explores a series of approaches -literary, political and artistic- to the crisis that Ciudad Juárez has experienced in recent decades. It also seeks to show a community that fights not only to survive, but to forge a more just and equitable world.

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