Figurillas antropomorfas y zoomorfas del juego de pelota de Lagartero, Chiapas /

By: Sonia Rivero Torres

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Rivero Torres, Sonia. FIGURILLAS ANTROPOMORFAS Y ZOOMORFAS DEL JUEGO DE PELOTA DE LAGARTERO, CHIAPAS / Sonia Rivero Torres. Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas: Universidad de Ciencias y Artes del Estado de Chiapas, 2002. 121 p. 21 cm. Bibl., illus. ISBN: 9685149240
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Study of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines in the ball game sites in Lagartero, Chiapas. Contributes to perception and appreciation of this particular style of Mayan art, set in a definite physical space and time of its history. Includes extensive samples of drawings and photographs to illustrate features and characteristics analyzed

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