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H2O. / Enrique Adonis Rodríguez Morales (author) ; Jesús Enrique Gil (illustrations). Ciudad de México, México : Nostra Ediciones ; A leer IBBY México ; Fundación Telmex, 2016. 109 pages : includes color illustrations ; 20 cm. (Colección Mirador Bolsillo). ISBN : 9786078237890.
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Mirador bolsillo is a collection of illustrated literature for children and adolescents, created with the intention of bringing our readers closer to the world of fiction by renowned national and international authors. In this volume, the story follows Marina and her father, who live on a planet that faces water scarcity, having to take shelter in artificial domes that protect them from the toxic air outside. Despite the adversities, Marina's father, a researcher and scientist, manages to process the contaminated water to make it drinkable and thus give the planet a new opportunity. However, first they must face other obstacles that will put their lives at risk.

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