Humanizando la deportación: Narrativas digitales desde las calles de Tijuana

By: Robert Mckee Irwin

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HUMANIZANDO LA DEPORTACIÓN : NARRATIVAS DIGITALES DESDE LAS CALLES DE TIJUANA. / Robert Mckee Irwin, Guillermo Alonso Meneses (coordinators). Tijuana, Baja California, México : El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, 2023. 271 pages : includes photos, tables, references, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9786074795301.
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Humanizando la deportación is a project that was launched in Tijuana in 2016, being a community archive that innovatively applied a participatory audiovisual production method (digital storytelling), offering migrants a platform where they could share their experiences. This platform was created precisely for that purpose: to document – ​​from the perspective of migrants – the human consequences of border and immigration control laws and policies in the US and Mexico. This title is responsible for collecting and documenting some of the experiences and learning obtained during the first year of the project.

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