La Catedral de Puebla

By: Molero Sañudo, Antonio.

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LA CATEDRAL DE PUEBLA : HISTORIA DE SU PROCESO CONSTRUCTIVO. / Antonio Pedro Molero Sañudo. Second edition. Puebla, México : Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla ; Dirección General de Publicaciones ; Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades “Alfonso Vélez Pliego” ; Profética, A.C., 2022.  483 pages : includes color photos, color illustrations, plans, name index, bibliography. ISBN : 9786075259161 (BUAP) ; 9786079502676 (Profética).
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Second edition of documentary research on the construction process of the Catedral de Puebla, accompanied by plans, color illustrations and color photographs. Taking a tour of the history of the city, founded in 1531 and with the first construction of what is called “La Vieja Catedral", the construction process of the “Nueva Catedral” is exposed, begun in 1575 by the senior master Francisco Becerra. With emphasis on explaining in detail the different projects and outlines that the construction had over time, the one that were carried out and those that remained hypothetical are shown, accompanied by updated text that tells the history of this building.

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