La vocación intercultural de la comunicación

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LA VOCACIÓN INTERCULTURAL DE LA COMUNICACIÓN. / Elvira Hernández Carballido, Sarelly Martínez Mendoza (coordinators). Chiapas, Mexico : Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas ; Pachuca de Soto, México : Editorial Elementum , Creativa Independiente, 2020. 319 pages : includes tables, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 21 cm. (Fragmentario de la comunicación rupestre) ; (Colección : Investigación rupestre). ISBN : 9786079298746 (volumen) ; 978609298371 (collection).
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Series of works in which interculturality is studied in the first instance from an epistemological perspective, to continue with the analysis of specific cases where one culture looks at another. Under the premise that every encounter between two or more cultures is a communicative process, the observation of interculturality starts from the communication sciences. In this volume of the Fragmentary of Rock Communication series, the relevance of bringing together diverse perspectives on the study of current events is confirmed, in the way that in this case the researchers address topics such as communication in classrooms, in the plastic arts, in identity rituals, in journalism and on social networks.

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