Los Consejos para los niños indígenas

By: Raymundo Fierro Rojas, coordinador.

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Fierro Rojas, Raymundo, LOS CONSEJOS PARA LOS NIñOS INDÍGENAS : EL PENSAMIENTO RARÁMURI A TRAVÉS DE LOS SERMONES. / Raymundo Fierro Rojas, coordinador. Chihuahua: Unidad Regional Chihuahua de Culturas Populares e Indígenas, 2000. 43 pages : 21 cm. Includes bibliographic references.
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Booklet documenting Rarámuri cosmovision through sermons or nawésari. Details their function as cohesive mechanism for their social identity. Published in November of 1997, under project Pacmyc Sinea meká napawika raitzabo rarámuri, gives testimony to messages passed down generation after generation, and their deities #39; communication to first Rarámuris.

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