Me llamo… pero me dicen…: Sobrenombres, títulos honoríficos, abreviaturas y más

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ME LLAMO... PERO ME DICEN... : SOBRENOMBRES, TÍTULOS HONORÍFICOS, ABREVIATURAS Y MÁS: REPERTORIO DE AUTO. / Miguel Angel Sobrino Ordóñez. México, D.F. : Los Libros de Homero, 2007. 410 pages : includes references, index ; 25 cm. (Serie Novohispanía). ISBN : 9789709906158.
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Replacing the original name given to us at birth by our parents or guardians with a different nickname is a very old practice. This has been so common and relevant in history that there are personalities and social actors who, by their will or that of others, have in some way escaped this custom, and are not known by their birth name. This work arises as an auxiliary in the study of works whose authors' identity is unknown, and to know them it is necessary to consult specialized texts that are not easily accessible, especially in academic media. The author intends to offer a complete instrument, for quick consultation, that contributes to the identification of authors.

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