Nayó Alewá (Cuatro almas): Por una vida sin violencia hacia las mujeres en nuestras comunidades indígenas urbanas de la Ciudad de Chihuahua

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NAYÓ ALEWÁ : (CUATRO ALMAS) : POR UNA VIDA SIN VIOLENCIA HACIA LAS MUJERES EN NUESTRAS COMUNIDADES INDÍGENAS URBANAS DE LA CIUDAD DE CHIHUAHUA. / Red de Mujeres Ralámuli Napawika U’mukí (Mujeres unidas) ; Ana Cecilia Arteaga Bohrt (colaborator). Chihuahua, México : Medusa Editores, 2022. 95 pages : includes photos  ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786075931661.
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The Ralámuli Napawika U'mukí Women's Network (United Women) works to ensure that their rights are respected and they live free of violence; this book, along with the documentary video funded by the Multilingual and Community Cultural Actions Program, seeks to get governors, leaders and women who reside in urban indigenous communities in the city of Chihuahua to join the collective's initiative. This title recounts experiences and reflections about the place that women once occupied in societies and the one they currently occupy, women's right to work and the search for a life free of abuse.

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