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PALABRAS Y DESTELLOS : HAIKUS TARAHUMARAS. / Martín Makawi (editor). Chihuahua, México : Gobierno del Estado , Secretaría de Cultura , Desarrollo Cultural Infantil Alas y Raíces Chihuahua, 2018. 41 pages : includes color illustrations ; 17 cm. ISBN : 9786078321735.
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Haikus are a type of short poem that was invented in Japan several centuries ago, which has certain peculiarities such as alluding to nature, having only 3 verses and counted syllables to be able to say a lot with few words, but above all, being full of images. This was what Martín Makawi explained to the children of the Sierra Tarahumara. This book is a bilingual Tarahumara-Spanish edition and has color illustrations that accompany the haikus that Tarahumara children wrote, showing the beauty of the simple things in life, seen through their eyes.

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