Punición y rebeldía de los negros en la Nueva España en los siglos XVI y XVII

By: Guadalupe Castañón González
Category: HISTORY

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Castañón González, Guadalupe. PUNICIÓN Y REBELDÍA DE LOS NEGROS EN LA NUEVA ESPAÑA EN LOS SIGLOS XVI Y XVII / Guadalupe Castañón González. Veracruz: Instituto Veracruzano de la Cultura, 2002. 147 pages: 20 cm. Bibl., bibl. notes. ISBN: 970687027X
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Narrates and analyzes episodes of the history of African people brought to Mexico to serve as slaves during the colony. Observes uprising and rebellion against inhumane treatment by the Spanish. Explores conditions of their transportation, in poorly built and ill equipped ships, their enslavement, and the process of rebellion through which they won their freedom.

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