Reflexiones sobre cine mexicano contemporáneo: Ficción

By: Claudia Curiel de Icaza, Abel Muñoz Hénonin, coordinadores

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REFLEXIONES SOBRE CINE MEXICANO CONTEMPORÁNEO: FICCIÓN. / Claudia Curiel de Icaza, Abel Muñoz Hénonin, coordinadores México, D.F.: Cineteca Nacional, 2012. 155 pages ; 22 cm. Includes bibliographic references ISBN 9786077535133.
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The Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes in collaboration with the Cineteca Nacional bring together twelve authors specialized in communication, journalism and the arts to talk about contemporary Mexican cinema. Starting from the analysis of a specific film, each chapter explores the personal vision of each author, their reflections and observations regarding it, as well as their impact on the way of making films for current and future generations. 

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