Semillas de piedra: poesía rumana contemporánea


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SEMILLAS DE PIEDRA : POESÍA RUMANA CONTEMPORÁNEA. / Gabriela Cӑprӑroiu (coordinator). Puebla, México : Territorio Poético A.C. , Todo Poesía ; Rumania , București : Institutul Cultural Român, 2020. 362 pages : includes semblances ; 20 cm. (Colección Círculo de Poesía). ISBN : 9786079135393.
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Anthology of poems coordinated by Gabriela Cӑprӑroiu, spanish-romanian translator. In this poetic anthology, Cӑprӑroiu coordinated 26 Romanian authors to present them together as a representation of romanian poetry, which is one of the youngest in Europe. The competition between originalities at the time of writing, both in form and content, is evident because young poets come from the same poetics of the stenogram; there is a hostility towards the metaphor fueled by the search for authenticity, to find one's own voice far from Rimbaud and Eminescu.

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