Un mundo sin tabú

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UN MUNDO SIN TABÚ : DIVERSAS SEXUALIDADES. / Janine Rodiles (editor). Ciudad de México, México : Editorial Herder, 2019. 462 pages : includes photos, illustrations, tables, charts, map, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9786077727798 (México) ; 9788425443282 (España).

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The essays presented in this title pose the challenge of looking at the reality of diverse sexualities as a fact of the psyche and modern culture. The hippie movement, women's liberation and homosexual liberation began with the gender revolution and sexual diversity, echoing to the present day. In these texts, various topics are discussed around the LGBTTTI community, mainly how they have become new and powerful social actors who propose their own formulas for human coexistence, the conception and raising of children, managing new social configurations, educational, artistic, sexual and identity.

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