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UNA CANCIÓN PAVIMENTADA. / Carlos Sánchez Ramírez “Emir”. Chihuahua, México : Medusa Editores, 2023. 60 pages ; 20 cm. (Colección Luna de mar. Poesía). ISBN : 9786075985541.
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Carlos Sánchez Ramírez “Emir” has written various collections of poems and was the winner of the second prize of the 51st Punto de Partida Contest in the area of poetry. As part of the poetry collection “Luna de mar”, the author presents here a series of poems divided into 5 parts: Notas dispersas de los penúltimos transeúntes, Diario revólver, (Des)aviario, Baladas para cláxones y organilleros y Corolarios del humo. Many of these poems are born from verses written by other authors, with which Sánchez Ramírez plays until he transforms them into something of his own, through which he manages to talk about nature and the city, and how these collide in the modern world.

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