Una historia del azul

By: Jean-Michel Maulpoix

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UNA HISTORIA DEL AZUL. / Jean-Michel Maulpoix. Puebla, México : Territorio Poético A.C. , Todo Poesía ; Francia, Paris : Éditions Mercure de France, 2022. 117 pages ; 20 cm. (Colección Círculo de Poesía). ISBN : 9786079135485.
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Jean-Michel Maulpoix has published more than 20 volumes of French poetry, as well as essays and criticism, coining the term “critical lyricism” to describe contemporary poetry. This anthology of poems won the 2022 Goncourt Prize and is part of the Círculo de Poesía Collection, translated into Spanish for the first time. Divided into 9 parts, the author works with free verses and, true to his style, lyrical. Taking the color blue as a starting point, the author talks about his memories, old loves, ephemerality and death. In the brevity of his poems, he demonstrates that it doesn't take many words but just the right ones to tell a story, describe pain, or talk about the church.

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