Wirikuta contra la Hidra capitalista

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WIRIKUTA CONTRA LA HIDRA CAPITALISTA : UNA LUCHA POR LA VIDA Y LO SAGRADO. / David Alan Gutiérrez Mannix. Aguascalientes, México : Centro de Estudios Jurídicos y Sociales Mispat ; San Luis Potosí, México : Maestría en Derecho de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, 2019. 249 pages : includes table, maps, bibliography ; 21 cm. (Colección Pensamiento Crítico del Derecho). ISBN : 9786078645053.
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Wirikuta is a municipality in the state of San Luis Potosí and is considered a sacred territory in the cosmogony of the Wixarika indigenous people because, according to their beliefs, the world was created there. In recent years, Wirikuta has been facing the capitalist market that seeks to reduce said territory to an expanded production workshop, leaving aside the sociocultural importance that this site represents. Wirikuta is experiencing one of the many struggles experienced in Mexico arising from the logic of accumulation through dispossession carried out by neoliberal extractivism, as well as by capitalism in general.

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