By: Javier Castellanos Martínez
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Castellanos M., Javier, YELASHNEYERA =: SUEñO. / Javier Castellanos Martínez. [Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico] : Secretaría de Cultura, Centro Cultural Tijuana, 2022. 196 pages : color illustrations; 21 cm. Bibliography: p. xxx-xxx Includes bibliographic references 9786076311394. Collection of Zapotec (binnizá) tales, showcasing dynamism of indigenous cultures in rural and urban contexts. Delving into themes of migration, clash between indigenous and Western knowledge, and nostalgia, narratives offer a glimpse into daily circumstances of indigenous life. From reflections on injustices to constant learning from mistakes, stories provide a profound understanding of indigenous cosmology. These captivating tales recreate indigenous cultures and their deep-rooted worldview, evoking a sense of joy and longing for ancestral homelands. Compelling exploration of traditions that continue to shape identities amidst changing times. Text in binnizá (Zapotec) with parallel text in Spanish. Winner of Cuento en lenguas originarias, Teetsebo 2019.
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