Aterrizaje forzoso a tres kilómetros de Urano y astronautas (no) identificados

By: Aranza Domínguez Bonilla

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ATERRIZAJE FORZOSO A TRES KILÓMETROS DE URANO Y ASTRONAUTAS (NO) IDENTIFICADOS. / Aranza Domínguez Bonilla. Chihuahua, México : Instituto de Cultura del Municipio ; Programa Editorial Chihuahua, 2021. 75 pages : includes illustration ; 21 cm.
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Aranza Domínguez Bonilla has published his poetic work in anthologies, literary magazines and digital media, also participating in literary meetings and poetry roundtables. In this title, the author encloses in words the intimate journey rotating on her own axis and invites the reader to be part of the escape that she undertakes between metaphors and galaxies populated with multiple meanings. This collection of poems is a tribute to the rediscovery of life, the streets, the spaces and the worlds that the author presents; Here reality is freshly transformed into everyday life, exploring with a keen eye the places and entities that pass through each verse.

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