By: Luis Alberto Arellano.

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BONZO. / Luis Alberto Arellano. Monterrey, México : Regia Cartonera, 2013. 47 pages : includes portrait, semblance ; 22 cm.
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Luis Alberto Arellano is a poet and essayist whose poetic work has been translated into Catalan, English, German, Portuguese and French, and has been a beneficiary on four occasions of the State Fund for Culture and the Arts, as well as of the FONCA Young Creators scholarship 2008-2009. This collection of poems is divided into 2 parts, marking a clear difference between the style of one and the other: in the first part they are very short, playing with rhythm and repetition, while in the second they are much longer, leaving out the pace to focus on the content. This title belongs to Regia Cartonera, and is a hand-bound copy with a hand-painted cover.

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