Campo de batalla: poesía iraquí actual 1990-2020


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CAMPO DE BATALLA : POESÍA IRAQUÍ ACTUAL 1990-2020. / Andul Hadi Sadoun (editor). Puebla, México : Territorio Poético A.C. , Todo Poesía, 2022. 143 pages : includes semblances ; 20 cm. (Colección Círculo de Poesía). ISBN : 9786079135751.
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Abdul Hadi Sadoun is a writer with a doctorate in Arabic Philology from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and has been recognized with scholarships and distinctions for his poetry work in arabic and spanish. Originally from Baghdad, he moved to Spain in 1993 and since he has dedicated his efforts to producing, collecting and presenting arabic poetry and literature. Hadi Sadoun believes that arabic poetry cannot be understood without iraqi poetry, which is why he brought together 32 writers who present between one and three poems each, with various themes, but always in line with the iraqi context.

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