Códices infinitos, No. 6: La reina jaguar

By: García Rosales, Fernando.
Category: ART, COMIC

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CÓDICE INFINITO 6. / Sergio Ríos, Lourdes Garcidueñas, Carlo Chablé, Diana Noriega. Javier García, Armando Cazares (flat color). Eddie Berganza, Aburton (editors). Guadalajara, México : Estudio Paltik ; Brújula Cómics, 2022. [24 sheets unpaged] : includes color illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Volume 6 of the independent comic “Códices infinitos”, distributed quarterly in Mexico, in an anthology format to allow the collaboration of artists other than the usual ones in each issue. Each installment includes two, three or four stories, as is the case with this number 6. Illustrated in full color, with the unique style of each artist, telling a story independent of the others that accompany it, this one has included “ La reina Jaguar” by Carlo Chablé, “Judas” by Sergio Ríos, “ExVivo” by Lourdes Garcidueñas and “Hexxen Hammer: Martillo de brujas” by Diana Noriega.

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