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MÉXICO DESTELLOS EN PLATA : TANE. / Guillermo Tovar y de Teresa, Jaime Moreno Villarreal (authors) ; Gerardo Suter (photographer). México, D.F. : Grupo Azabache, 2007. 255 pages : includes color photos chiefly ; 35 cm. ISBN :  9789706780393.
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Currently, Mexican goldsmithing prior to the Spanish conquest is still little studied, but it is known that the indigenous people made pieces in gold and silver, creating figures that amazed Europe. During the XIX century, Mexican silver produced high-quality works, however it declined due to a lack of creativity that its designs suffered over time. Tane is a store that entered the goldsmithing business in the 1950s, achieving a resurrection of the art of silversmithing. This title presents the history of silver in Mexico, accompanied by a series of photographs of pieces made of silver throughout the years from the Tane collection.

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