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CULTURA ZAPOTECA : TRADICIÓN Y RENOVACIÓN. / Eva Elena Ramírez Gasga, Juquila Araceli González Nolasco (coordinators). Oaxaca, México : Universidad del Istmo, 2019. 310 pages : includes illustrations, color photos, maps, tables, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 24 cm. ISBN : 9786077831143 ; 607783114X.
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The objective of this research is to create a discussion agenda that offers a review of government actions in matters of culture appealing to rights and cultural diversity, encouraging the study of the culture currently produced in Oaxaca. The topics that are developed are: cultural policies in Oaxaca, musical instruments, findings from Zapotec archeology, rock art and pictographic elements, and political processes and community in Oaxaca. This work offers the possibility of getting to know the Zapotec culture through the historical process, displaying the particularities of the different works contained here, bringing the reader closer to the Oaxacan reality.

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