De las identidades peyorativas a la identidad gay en la ciudad de San Luis Potosí

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DE LAS IDENTIDADES PEYORATIVAS A LA IDENTIDAD GAY EN LA CIUDAD DE SAN LUIS POTOSÍ (1968-1989). / Marco Antonio Villa Salazar. San Luis Potosí, Mexico : Gobierno de San Luis Potosí : Secretaría de Cultura , Dirección de Publicaciones y Literatura ; Editorial Ponciano Arriaga, 2017. 160 pages : includes illustrations, bibliography ; 22 cm. (Serie Premios Francisco Peña 20: Investigación Histórica). ISBN : 9786078553006.
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Within the 65th edition of the 20 de Noviembre Contest, this work is the winner of the Francisco Peña Prize for historical research 2016. This research documents a local socio-historical phenomenon that derives from a global context: the construction of gay identity in the location. Starting from the general hypothesis that the transition from traditional-pejorative identities to gay identity in the city of San Luis Potosí represented an important social transformation in the way in which the local homosexual population began to occupy a place different from that of the social stigma, the objective of the research focused on documenting the emergence of said identity.

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