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ESCRIBIR ES LO DESCONOCIDO : LA SOCIEDAD DE LAS POETAS, COMPILACIÓN. / Varias. Oaxaca, México : La Sociedad de las Poetas : 1450 Ediciones , Todos los libros de Oaxaca, 2022. 79 pages ; 21 cm. (Serie Literatura). ISBN : 9786079990336.
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Twelve authors of Oaxacan origin contribute here one poem each, giving a small sample of their work as poets who seek to represent the state of Oaxaca. Taking into account the socio-cultural context of the authors, in the presentation of this book an analogy is made with the text of the English writer Virgina Woolf in which she talks about having one's own room, arguing that in XXI century Oaxaca the  demands and obstacles that women go through in order to write are different, but just as difficult as those in London in 1979. These poems represent for their authors an act of risk, since publication does not guarantee success, but it does guarantee a beginning.

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