Huiquit-pujba : Cara de pájaro

By: Compilación y traducción de Bernardo Esquer

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HUIQUIT-PUJBA : CARA DE PÁJARO / BIRD FACE : MÚSICA TRADICIONAL DE LA CULTURA YOREME. / Bernardo Esquer (compiler). Culiacán, Sinaloa, México: Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, 2016. 37 pages : includes color photos, maps, CD ; 25 cm. ISBN : 9786077371434.
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Compilation of musical pieces belonging to the Yoreme culture, translated for the first time into Spanish by the work of Bernardo Esquer and accompanied by music performed by Yeu-Matchuc, a traditional Yoreme music and dance group. After a long period of research, ancient traditional compositions related to nature and festivals were rescued from the oldest settlers, without which it is not possible to understand this culture. With color photographs, this is a multilingual edition, as it has the original texts in Yoreme, translated into spanish and english, and also has a recording on CD.

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