La línea blanca (Notas sobre el genocidio)

By: René Morales.

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LA LÍNEA BLANCA : (NOTAS SOBRE EL GENOCIDIO). / René Morales. Monterrey, México : Regia Cartonera, 2014. 65 pages : includes photos, semblance ; 22 cm.
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René Morales studied Hispanic Language and Literature at UNAM, and has published and participated in magazines and anthologies. This title is a collection of poems that is divided into three parts, with short but concise poems that are usually free verse. Beyond the author's style, what truly stands out and impacts is the theme around which they revolve: Mexico and Central America, but from their most violent, raw and painful side; these poems function both as a protest and as an exhibition of the reality that exists in these regions of the world. This title belongs to Regia Cartonera, and is a hand-bound copy with a hand-painted cover.

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