La muerte es un negocio

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LA MUERTE ES UN NEGOCIO : MIRADAS CERCANAS A LA VIOLENCIA CRIMINAL EN AMÉRICA LATINA. / Javier Treviño Rangel, Laura Helena Atuesta Becerra (coordinators). Ciudad de México, Méxicp : Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, 2020. 236 pages : includes charts, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 23 cm. (Serie Investigación e Ideas).  ISBN : 9786078508648.
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Focused on ordinary citizens who become involved in disturbing events (extortion, kidnapping, executions, human trafficking, drug trafficking, hitmen), this study analyzes how professionals of violence are trained and how they normalize what they do. Unlike other studies on violence in Latin America, here we study the perpetrators of criminal violence, for whom murder is “just another job.” It also explains how criminal organizations work, how they are linked to state agents (who protect them), with other organized crime gangs (with whom they compete) and with the society in which they operate and from which they emerged.

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