Restauración de cerámica Olmeca en Veracruz

By: Adriana Cruz Lara Silva, Ma Eugenia Guevara Muñoz.

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Lara Silva, Adriana Cruz. LA RESTAURACIÓN DE LA CERÁMICA OLMECA DE SAN LORENZO TENOCHTITLÁN, VERACRUZ : TEORÍA Y PRÁCTICA. / Adriana Cruz Lara Silva, Ma Eugenia Guevara Muñoz. México, D.F.: UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas; UNAM, Dirección General de Asuntos del Personal Académico; Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, 2002. 130 pages: 28 cm. Illustrations, maps, photos.Bibliography: pages 109-115. Include bibliographic references.  ISBN 968369808.
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Studies restoration process of pre-classic ceramic at archeological sites of San Lorenzo and Loma del Zapote. Provides context on chronology, functionality and cultural relevance of these artifacts in region of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlán. Divided into five chapters, covers restoration and archeological findings in the region, theoretical approaches to restoration in Mexico, methodological design, restoration practices in context and assessment of ceramic objects, and comprehensive vision of restoration. Includes catalog of restored pieces.

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