Maussan y el legendario tlatoani otaku

By: Arcilupe

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MAUSSAN Y EL LEGENDARIO TLATOANI OTAKU. / Arcilupe. Querétaro, México : Herring Publishers, 2024. 31 pages : includes illustrations ; 21 cm.
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Gabriel Soriano (Arcilupe) is a poet and visual artist from Aguascalientes, winner of the Third Alejandro Aura Young Poetry Prize with the collection of poems Biophilia barroca; With his pseudonym he remains active on his social networks to share his visual and poetic material. This title is a short collection of poems that includes illustrations by the same author to accompany his verses, therefore it is a closely related dual work that goes from image to text and from text to image. Defining the theme that the author opts for would be limiting it, since here you can find daring, irreverence and criticism.

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