Memoria en Pie 1968-2018

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MEMORIA EN PIE 1968-2018 : 50 AÑOS DE RESISTENCIA ARTÍSTICA, CRÍTICA, INDEPENDIENTE Y POPULAR. / Astrid Velasco, Leonel Sagahón y Valeria Guzmán (coordinators). México, D.F. : Productora de Contenidos Culturales ; Secretaría de Cultura ; Editorial Tintable, 2018. 239 pages : includes color photos, bibliography, 2 CD’s ; 27 cm. (Colección Ojo al Gato). ISBN : 9786078346349 (Productora de Contenidos Culturales, volumen) ; 6078346342 (Productora de Contenidos Culturales, collection) ; 9786077459125 (Secretaría de Cultura).
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1968 was a year full of social movements throughout the world, having a tragic outcome in Mexico on October 2 with the murder of the students in Tlatelolco. This title narrates everything that has happened since then in art and culture, inviting young readers to learn about the political history in Mexico, told through statements by the successor artists of the 1968 movement. In the same sense, it works as a visual testimony of the social struggles that have continued and that were the response to acts of repression, collecting photographs, painting, caricature, literature, cinema and music.

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