Nu tonjo nu xinchi zak


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NU TONJO NU XINCHI ZAK. / Julio Garduño Cervantes. Cuernavaca, Morelos, México : La Ratona Cartonera, 2013. 16 pages : includes Illustrations ; 22 cm.
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Nu tonjo nu xinchi zak means Song of Life, and is a poem written by Julio Garduño Cervantes, who was a teacher, painter, photographer, connoisseur and profound promoter of the Mazahua culture. This edition contains the complete poem in a bilingual mazahua-spanish version and is accompanied by illustrations by mazahua children. The poem is very short, but it gives a significant sample of the author's vision of life, from his perspective of the Mazahua culture. This edition belongs to La Ratona Cartonera, and is a hand-bound copy with a hand-painted cover.

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