Palabras de emergencia: Poesía desde el asfalto (Antología joven de Monterrey)


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PALABRAS DE EMERGENCIA : POESÍA DESDE EL ASFALTO (ANTOLOGÍA JOVEN DE MONTERREY). / Monterrey, México : Regia Cartonera, 2013. 90 pages ; 22 cm.
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This title is part of an editorial proposal that opens the concept of a “living anthology”, that is, it is not a finished book but rather under construction and growth by including the work of young poets, updated from time to time. The poems presented have varied topics, including reflections on their environment, the violence in which their authors live, and their need to express themselves; but its main theme is the city of Monterrey, since that is what unites the writers included here: their city. This title belongs to Regia Cartonera, and is a hand-bound copy with a hand-painted cover.

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