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Martín Cinzano. Cuernavaca, Morelos: La Ratona Cartonera, 2016. 46 pages: 22 cm.
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Martín Cinzano is the pseudonym of the Chilean poet Gonzalo Rojas González, he has published collections of poems and his book Perdido won the UNAM National Chronicle Contest. The collection of poems presented here is divided into three parts that maintain a correlation through the perspective of anarchism, struggle and resistance to social inequality. This way of seeing life is motivated by the 15 years that the author lived in Mexico City, dedicating himself to the street trade of second-hand books, leaving in his texts to see his time in places such as the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. This edition consists of only 100 copies and as it belongs to La Ratona Cartonera, it is a hand-bound copy and with a hand-painted cover.

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