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RELICARIOS. / Leopoldo Orozco. Chihuahua, México : Medusa Editores, 2023. 59 pages ; 17 cm. ISBN : 9786075956596.
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Leopoldo Orozco won the 2023 Carlos Fuentes National University Essay Award and published fragments of this book in the poetry page Humo sólido (CDMX), El Septentrión (Baja California) and Periódico Poético (Literary Hostel in Tecpan). In this short collection of poems he brings together a series of verses and stanzas that form poems that seem independent of each other, alluding to apparently unconnected themes, but that are united by a thread: nostalgia. These poems are divided into 3 parts:  Relicarios, Interludio y Epílogo, allowing the reader to more easily approach the main topics of this title: the past, love and pain.

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