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RESCATANDO TRADICIONES : INDUMENTARIA DE LA CHINA POBLANA. / María Guillermina Moreno Córdoba. Puebla, México : Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Dirección de Fomento Editorial, 2017. 215 pages : includes color photos, bibliography. ISBN : 9786075254647.
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The rescue of the popular and historical traditions of Mexico is an essential task for the construction of a memory of traditional mexican popular culture in its multiple and different regions. This cultural heritage is at risk of being lost since, little by little, the practices of traditions have fallen into disuse, being lost, along with the disappearance of the few possessors of this knowledge. The author has worked for years writing and participating in contests where she could publicize and preserve her traditions regarding clothing, food and festivities, which has helped her create this compilation of knowledge, accompanied by texts and photographs.

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