Ruralidades, Cultura Laboral y Feminismos en el sureste de México

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RURALIDADES, CULTURA LABORAL Y FEMINISMOS EN EL SURESTE DE MÉXICO. / Teresa Ramos Maza (coordinator). Chiapas, México : Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas ; Gobierno del Estado de Chiapas : Consejo de Ciencia y Tecnología del Estado de Chiapas ; Centro de Estudios Superiores de México y Centroamérica, 2018. 437 pages : includes photos , maps, tables, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9786075430577.
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Series of 13 articles written mostly by thesis students from master's and doctoral programs at universities in Chiapas, who seek to highlight the need to unite various social disciplines such as history, sociology and anthropology. These reflections describe and analyze current realities in southeastern Mexico, through various approaches to social theory and interdiscipline, sharing an ethnographic perspective. This text has been divided into 3 sections: “Images of Chiapas rituality of the XXI century”, “Views from feminism and gender in southeastern Mexico” and “Culture: doings and knowledge around crafts”.

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