Soñeus sueños I: Elefantes y papalotes


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SOÑEUS SUEÑOS I : ELEFANTES Y PAPALOTES. / Edson Lechuga. Second printing. Cuernavaca, Morelos, México : La Cartonera, 2011. 22 pages : includes illustrations ; 23 cm.
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Edson Lechuga is a writer and literary creation workshop leader, with studies in literature from the UNAM, Casa Lamm and the UB. The illustrations that accompany the story are made by Paula Laverde. As the title indicates, this book is a portrait of the author's dreams, which makes it a journey through the subconscious, along with everything hilarious, disjointed and incoherent that characterizes dreams, however managing to tell a story. Being part of La Cartonera, this copy is number 32 of a print run of 120, with a handmade binding and a unique hand-painted cover.

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