El Compositor Mexicano Ricardo Castro (1864-1907)

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EL COMPOSITOR MEXICANO RICARDO CASTRO (1864-1907) : VIDA Y OBRA. / Rogelio Álvarez Meneses. Colima, México : Universidad de Colima, 2018. 601 pages : includes photos, tables, sheet music, bibliography ; 28 cm. (Serie Umbrales y Vestigios). ISBN : 9786078549108.
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The recovery of musical heritage is an urgent need for knowledge of the sound reality of history in Mexico. Different historical, political, aesthetic and cultural circumstances have meant that musical masterpieces have been forgotten or postponed. Ricardo Castro was one of the most relevant authors in the history of Mexican music, without whom it would be impossible to understand the musical trajectory of Mexico during the Porfiriato. This research abandons the anecdotal to provide reflections on the musician (as an object of study), the factors that influenced his musical production and the sociocultural context of the time.

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