Historia mínima (e ilustrada) de la literatura

By: Humberto Félix Berumen

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HISTORIA MÍNIMA (E ILUSTRADA) DE LA LITERATURA EN TIJUANA. / Humberto Félix Berumen. Tijuana, Baja California, México : Secretaría de Cultura, Centro Cultural Tijuana, 2022. 180 pages : includes photos, bibliography ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9786076311400.
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The objective of this title is to explore the works and authors that made it possible to refer to literature in Tijuana, giving an account of the cultural and historical process of literature in the context of the northern corner of the country, its particularities, changes and social dynamics. The author proposes a work in which the tasks of the researcher, the essayist and the literary critic are freely combined, made of approximations, but documented and rigorous. Here attention is focused on the aspects that are of greatest importance for the knowledge, understanding and evaluative appreciation of literary works.

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