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ISLA EN NEGRO : HISTORIAS DE CRIMEN Y ENIGMA. / selección y prólogo de Rafael Grillo y Leopoldo Luis. Ciudad de México : Nitro Press; Monterrey, Nuevo León, México : Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, 2021. 271 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. ISBN 9786078256990 (Nitro Press) ; 9786072714182 (Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León).
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Anthology of short stories that explores the police genre, ranging from satirical and violent stories to others that border on science fiction as they are set in the future. With the premise of bringing stories about crime and the enigma that usually surrounds it, stories from recognized figures of the genre such as Rodolfo Pérez Valero and Lorenzo Lunar are brought together, along with more recent ones and from a new generation, such as Yamilet García Zamora, Rebeca Murga and Reinaldo Cañizares. They are joined by authors from other literary genres, who enrich this first volume of a trilogy, whose purpose is to expose Cuban literature.

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