Kintsugi : Santuarios de la resiliencia

By: Gómez Ovalle, Luis.

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KINTSUGI : SANTUARIOS DE LA RESILIENCIA. / Luis Gómez Ovalle. Tijuana, México : Lapicero Rojo Editorial, 2022. 68 pages ; 22 cm. (Serie Poesía).  ISBN : 9781952171871.
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“Kintsugi” is the Japanese tradition of repairing broken objects, such as cups, plates or ceramics in general, with resin varnish sprinkled or mixed with gold, silver or platinum powder. This gives it a certain aesthetic value greater than what the piece already had, but the Japanese give it a spiritual meaning also related to resilience. Since our cracks or wounds are indelible, when they heal they also grant us beauty and that is the demonstration that we are capable as human beings of overcoming adversity. These poems are precisely about resilience. Divided into four parts, the author captures here what he considers to be the moment of destruction and rebirth of the soul in the face of pain.

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